“Chat Newmachar” has moved from its previous sub-domain of www.chat.newmachar.org.uk to this the mother domain with its  HTTPS certificate. Within each post you will see sub-posts to make viewing, posting and commenting easier. If using a mobile device the website is certified by Google as “mobile friendly”

The maximum membership remains at 200 which is a manageable and realistic number for the population of Newmachar; some members no longer live here however they keep a healthy interest. When numbers fall to 195 it will be intimated on here giving others a chance to join with priority given to those on the waiting list.

Being a non-commercial group advertising or promoting a profit making business is not allowed. What you are encouraged to do is share information past and present which may be of interest to the group. Giving charities and good causes a plug is okay. This website has no association with any social media group or page with at this stage no plans to do so. e.g. Facebook and Twitter

In reality those of you who are members are a sensible bunch respecting the views and rights of others so little “admin” activity is required

Enjoy and be friends

Certified by Google as “mobile friendly”